Our Abilities

This section presents the areas in which Innovative Ideas’ specialists have experience.

Scientific and practical base:

Thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, hydro aeromechanics. Hydrodynamics.

Current projects are in:

Recuperators and heat and mass exchangers. Humidifiers. Coolers. design, manufacture, research, development of new products based on them

Past and future projects in:

Compressors, refrigeration machines.design, manufacture, research, modernization
Heat pipes and heat exchangers.design, manufacture, research
Recycling modules for industries.design, development, manufacture, research
Materials Science. Capillary-porous materials for evaporative cooling tasks. Sealing, anti-friction materials, and coatings.research, manufacturing
Cogeneration and trigeneration systems.design and modernization
Vacuum installations and jet devices.design, manufacture, research
Active transparent building facades.design
Devices for mechanical and thermal treatment of mixtures (lines).design, manufacture, research

Partner projects:

IT: augmented reality, training, CAD systems.design and developing
Pumps, including for the nuclear industry. Sealing equipment. Self-centering stuffing box seals. design, development, manufacture, research

Our Partners:

Enterprise for the development, manufacture, and supply of modern heat-mechanical and pumping equipment for nuclear power facilities and general industrial purposes.