Current Projects

Air Condition Apparatus

Apparatus for air cooling and fresh air supplying through Indirect Regenerative Evaporative Cooling (IREC) of:

  • Large spaces (houses, warehouses, workshops, tents, open space events, etc.)
  • Places with significant heat generation (data centers, workshops, etc.)
  • Greenhouses
  • Cooling of solar photovoltaic panels, thereby increasing its efficiency
The prototype consists of one heat and mass transfer core, designed to produce about 460m3/h of cooled air and 340m3/h 100%-humid air with consumption of 800m3/h of the outer air.

The practical application of the tested prototype consists of the use of 3 to 6 such cores in one apparatus and the subsequent modular arrangement of these apparatuses together in the amount needed to cool the required volume of air.

Advantages of this device over vapor compression machines:Disadvantages:
100% fresh, filtered, cold, and comfortable air with no added humidity;
The air supplied to the consumer is not dehumidified (which is observed during the operation of classic vapor compression units). As is known, excessively dry air leads to discomfort;
Uses up to 90% less electricity compared to traditional air conditioners: only a ventilator, automatic equipment, and a small pump work inside;
Cooling capacity increases with temperature growth: the hotter the air enters the unit, the higher efficiency of the device!
No refrigerants containing CFCs that are harmful to the environment;
Consumes water (water supply system is required);
Limitation of the outlet temperature due to its direct dependence on the dew point temperature of inlet air. Below this temperature, it is impossible to cool the air only by means of this device. Therefore, the cooling performance of the device directly depends on the moisture content of the ambient air.
       This negative effect can be reduced by application the device in combination with a conventional air conditioner: the device supplies clean and precooled air, and the vapor compressor air conditioner cools it down to the required temperature. At the same time, the energy consumption for the operation of the vapor compression refrigeration unit is noticeably reduced, which ultimately leads to significant cost savings.

As a result of testing the prototype, the following conclusions were obtained:

  • It has been experimentally proven that the IREC prototype by Innovative Ideas LLC is more efficient than its counterparts (Seeley International products under the Coolerado brand).
  • There are undoubted advantages over classical vapor compression units, including the analytically proven benefits of their combined use.

If you are interested in a Test Report, you may request it by e-mail:

Upcoming work is for increasing the capacity and efficiency of the heat and mass exchange core due to the use of new materials, layouts, desiccants, and other measures.

Water from Air Extractor Apparatus

Creation of an energy-efficient apparatus for obtaining water from atmospheric air. Stage: R&D.

Research of adsorbents has been carried out. A study of the regeneration of the selected adsorbents is being carried out.